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Just add heat. Simmer for 150 years. El What now?

Credit: By Matt McGrath and Mark Poynting

BBC Climate and Science team

I guess BBC are getting a lot of flack in recent years for not getting the point.

Remember the phrase "it's the Economy stupid!"? Well "It's THE OCEANS STUPID!!"

Who knew?

So while the statement is not "wrong" when they say "A recent, rapid heating of the world's oceans has alarmed scientists concerned that it will add to global warming." The real issue is that the oceans are acting as buffer, they actually absorb the heat and have protected the climate from the energy trapped by greenhouse gases. Two thirds of the planet are acting as a super hot water bottle for our descendants. (when they don't need it)

The perfectly balanced greenhouse mechanism that mother earth achieved say 420~450 million years ago we managed to pretty much undo in a century and a half. Darn it! But the real damage was done by the criminal geniuses running the fossil fuel industry decided it was better to rob us blind than to tell us what was happening even when they knew. (the answer to "who knew btw!").

How were our coal, oil and gas C suites to know, that the problem was NOT the warming but the speed of warming which is the problem? If we had another, well I guess, 400 million years then it was probably fine to take this cheap and dirty stuff and burn it for a quick buck and an easy life. Well they were told, by the people they paid to find out. Then they paid more (bad) marketing people to lie to the world so that we specifically would not find out. Doesn't that make you mad?

Get out there and VOTE. VOTE to save your children from unimaginable suffering and stress. It is my hypothesis that as time passes the "surprised" mainstream media will have failed to read between the lines. Science papers face peer review and corporate funders all dialing down the rhetoric that we need to be exposed to in order to evaluate.

It turns out, the Ocean is where it is all happening.

Catch up please mainstream journalists.

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