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Sleeping Giant spells "DOOM"

Did you knowSoil Holds Vast Amounts, Impacting Climate? Sure. Heard something about it. is a wonderful source of reliable yet readable content about a whole range of subjects.

Here is more or less what it says:

Soil stores massive carbon, mostly overlooked. This study reveals a vast pool of inorganic carbon in soil minerals, exceeding all plant carbon globally.

Inorganic carbon exists as gas, dissolved minerals, or solid rock (like limestone). Arid regions like Australia have more due to less water dissolving it away.

This giant carbon pool is sensitive to acidification, which can release the carbon. Traditional practices like irrigation and fertilization worsen this. Disruptions harm soil health and impact carbon transport between land, water, and atmosphere.

The fight against climate change values soil carbon, but most focus on organic carbon. This research highlights the need to consider inorganic carbon as well.

Better land management practices can minimize disturbances and potentially even increase this inorganic carbon pool. Existing international programs can expand their goals to encompass both organic and inorganic carbon for effective climate change mitigation.

Credit to Pep Canadell [CSIRO Chief Research Scientist, and Executive Director of the Global Carbon Project]. I found these articles on his LinkedIN page.

I came across him as the Global Carbon Project was an amazing enterprise and I am shocked it was so long ago. I am curious what they are all up to now. We the people ought to be more engaged in the content and taking notice if not ACTION.

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