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The world cannot stabilize what it does not watch.

A step in the right direction? Unfortunately these figures go up and down all the time and it is such a complicated task to measure that this is just an indicator. For example it was 416.71ppm in December 2021. In May 2013 we passed the 400ppm mark.

The good folks at Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii keep an eye on this for us. But we really need to be aware of our individual lifestyles and how they contribute. In our homes, business and activity.

Climate deniers argue that the models are wrong. That solar activity or magma activity is warming up the planet. Such folks seem to be have been deluded by decades of greedy businesses and investors who know better. It is hard to admit you have been deceived but it is harder still to argue with the data.

Our mission is to gather data here on the ground. The goal is to learn ourselves how we can contribute by reducing energy consumption with the upside of saving our clients money. Win (clients) Win (us!) Win (future generations) Win (the natural world). All this winning!

We can see your energy consumption with 100% accuracy in real time and granular detail. Then you can make informed decisions. Tell your stakeholders and your family what you did to contribute to turning climate change around.

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