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Why won't Jim Jefferies SHUT UP about climate change?

Climate is what you expect and weather is what you get.

My uncle John once told me "the Irish aren't funny!" he added "they think they are but they are not!". John is Welsh. And he had a point. But we Irish do try to make everything funny because, well, it's a cultural thing. We believe that life itself is ironic, so why not try to cover it up when we don't know what we are talking about but we don't want our friends to know. Ultimately as a nation of amateur comics we were brought up trying to take center stage while holding a pint of Guinness.

So where does that leave professional comedians? I came across this 2020 video on Jim's youtube channel with Josh Willis who originally taught me about the science of Greenhouse Effect and how NASA could prove it. Not many people know as much and can explain it so well. I love Josh. Maybe his biggest fan!!! I really wanted to introduce him (Sorry JIM!)

OMG - oceans melting Greenland. See how much the water is eating away at the ice. What a fun program.

This among other fun activity that the JPL and Josh have done to advance our knowledge and verify or not our suspicions about how the world works. I personally can't get enough of him.

Jim is a unique comedian. His comedy cuts to the chase and his delivery is so good that we think he really is just messing about. It says a lot about where we are. This slot has so many scientific truths mixed with hilarious attacks that it makes us wiser and happier. I hope you enjoy it.

"there's a certain amount of warming and sea level rise and climate change that we're stuck with that we're not going to get rid of. So the question is how bad do you want it to be?"

"If we act very quickly and we try and avoid the worst consequences and we're able to really change our behavior in the next 10 years then we might avoid some of the worst consequences."

Diner party fact: Over 90% of the heat that is trapped in the greenhouse effect in the oceans. Because the oceans are 70% of the planet. The air is just warming up because the water is heating up."

About the time I watched the original JPL von karman lecture I recall a demonstration of a red balloon and a bunsen burner. Air in the balloon. Hold the surface to the burner and POP! Air expands. Fill balloon with water and NO POP. The water absorbs heat through it's rubber skin. Amazing to watch!!! But SOOO memorable. The heat the ocean has been absorbing this past 150 years will take 1,000 years to cycle to the bottom and back up again. THIS IS SCIENCE FACT!! Humans have heated up the planet and we are about to find out what that all means.

So Jim asks in the end - what meaningful thing can we do as individuals do to make a real change. Josh says - "short answer is VOTE!" You can't fix it by yourself. We have to fix it together and we have to have policies to help us do it.

As long as it is profitable to make the climate hotter we are going to keep doing it. The only way to make it not profitable is to pass laws and regulations. It has to come from Government. The only why to get that to change is for us to change it.

We have to move to different fuel sources which will require the governments to help us out.

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