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Your family may be sick - Happy Birthday.

Updated: Jun 18

Now you know. Should you tell them?

Would you like them to know how they might die, when and why?

Scientists estimate a limited amount of CO2 emissions can be released before causing dramatic climate change.  While most of the budget is already used up, a global effort to reduce emissions and switch to renewable energy could still prevent the worst effects.

This article is summarized by AI as follows: "The article concludes by emphasizing the urgency of transitioning to a low-carbon economy and highlights the need for international cooperation, technological advancements, and financial support to achieve this goal." So somebody may want to pay a visit and read the link below....

Selecting ONLY 5 points of this article that may save a life and will give you some answers when your kids ask you what you know about it.

  • Carbon budgets limit greenhouse gas emissions to avoid drastic climate change, often aiming for a 2°C rise in temperature compared to pre-industrial times.

  • Scientists estimate we've used nearly two-thirds of the current carbon budget due to fossil fuel burning. At this pace, the rest could be depleted in 30 years.

  • Avertment of runaway warming is possible with significant global efforts to cut emissions, switch to renewables, and develop energy-saving/carbon capture technologies.

  • Key improvements include a global climate treaty, expanded renewable energy, and advancements in energy efficiency and carbon capture.

  • Continued reliance on fossil fuels without capturing emissions would worsen the situation.

I know you are busy. So thought I might help you out giving my time to you.

I am 56 tomorrow. This is my birthday gift to you.

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